About Irides

The story of Irides Boutique starts with travel


Being a globetrotter and fashion lover myself, I've always enjoyed roaming a new city's artisanal markets and boutiques. Not only do I return home from my  trips with fresh experiences and a handful of memories, but also with a gorgeous new piece of jewelry - who can complain about that!

Often, I found myself thinking of pieces long after my trips, like a pair of lovely earrings I found back in Rome or a stunning necklace from a small shop in Paris. Whenever I’d return to those store, years later at best, they naturally no longer carried that piece. It occurred to me that I wasn’t the only one who loved finding  unique and stylish jewelry. Out of that thought followed the inspiration for Irides Boutique, an online platform that brings the delights of  handcrafted, original jewelry to those who appreciate the beautiful things in life wherever they may be.

With Irides Boutique my team and me want to make uniquely designed, customizable jewelry more accessible for everyone, while supporting small-scale designers. All our items are handcrafted using the highest quality materials with skilled craftsmanship. The artists we select and collections we feature are very versatile and their pieces designed for both, work and play. Most of all, we make sure the pieces you receive are truly one-of-a-kind in their design and appearance. They should represent your individuality and fit your style.  

We strive to rattle the jewelry world by building a bridge between high quality, unique design and convenience.

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us either at contact@iridesboutique.com or using the form below.