Concrete Jungle

Already in 2012 Madlen and Daniel discovered their love for Concrete. 2015 they founded Concrete Jungle. Since then they have been intensively involved with the material. Unfortunately, the prevailing image of concrete is that it's a massive, grey, cold material. They think it's just one of the many facets. Their goal is to bring people closer to the completely different, surprising and delicate side of the material.

Concrete is versatile and the possibilities for utilizing it are almost unlimited. Through refinements, such as the combination of concrete with precious materials, and exceptional design, they can highlight that aspect. The beauty of their products is important to them, the material should be secondary. 


Design Expert. The interior designer always values detail and constantly has new ideas. She runs the business side and also makes every single piece of concrete jewelry herself by hand. Together with Daniel, she leads the company with dedication and passion. 

Nice to know: Always looking out for the extraordinary, can't live without Spotify, nickname MadDog, love the tv show "Friends" 

Quote: "Does that exist in beautiful?"


Material expert. Entirely self-taught, he knows more about concrete then the whole team put together. He runs the workshop, manufactures the molds, pours their home accessories and all major contract work. Together with Madlen, he leads the company with flat hierarchies and friendly cooperation. 

Nice to know: loves Star Wars, Marvel and Oldschool Hip Hop, likes to wash our cars, loves jokes, almost always wears a cap. 

Quote: "If this is indeed the will of the council, ..."